Your tax-deductible donation will help support Destiny’s Bridge's efforts to bring awareness to the need for affordable housing for the poor and homeless. This documentary is about new ideas for housing the homeless and making tiny house communities legal. In order to get the film out to a national audience, we need your support in raising funds for our Outreach Program.

You can make a donation towards our Outreach Program through our tax exempt fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas. The DESTINY’S BRIDGE documentary needs to get out to a national audience now while this problem continues to grow throughout America. Homelessness is a downward spiral and without the proper support it can easily become a lifelong situation that could be prevented. DESTINY’S BRIDGE shows us how important the emotional needs are to a homeless person and how ownership and community is imperative to rehabilitation.

Although we have been holding community and college screenings, we are not able to go into distribution until we reach certain deliverables. In order for the film to have a public release we need to pay for the music licensing, Digital Cinema Package (DCP) - convert files for digital theaters, closed captioning, film ratings and create DVD & Blu Ray masters. These finishing expenses have to be paid in order for the film to receive any type of distribution and get out to national audience.

Help us to raise the finishing costs and support our Outreach Program, please DONATE NOW!